Quality Control

Quality Control is usually performed right after ingest at post-production or localization as well as while preparing assets for playout and publishing. Thus, it's often installed at post-production facilities and VOD publishers.

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fle-based QC

File-Based QC

File-based quality control is about checking audio and video files for incorrect processed audio and video, audiovisual defects, and out of standard coding or wrapping. An automatic QC checks files against a pre-defined test-set and reports accordingly. Found violations can be false negatives. For this reason, all findings can be reviewed manually and rejected.

Automated QC is of importance for any high-quality post-production, broadcasting, or publishing. Therefore, it should not be missing at advance post-production facilities, TV stations, and especially VOD platform operators.


Pulsar by Venera Technologies 

Video File Review

Video File Review

Reviewing video files requires a wide format support on one hand, as well as support for professional play controls, data displays, and video outputs. Depending on the environment and architectural concept, a desktop application or browser based player is best suitable.

Playing received, QC tested, or ready for delivery and broadcasting is needed at every production, post-production, localization, and playout facility.


Multi-Format Player by x-dream-media 

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