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Medialooks SDK has a wide range of features necessary for fast product development without involving a large team of developers.

Medialooks has created tools that give you the ability to focus on your business objectives, rather than reinventing the wheel from scratch. Medialooks SDK will help businesses and developers who professionally create video and media applications.

At x-dream-media we are experts of these SDK-s and we are ready to help your development - or develop your tool for your needs!

MFormats SDK

MFormats targets mostly developers in the broader market of everything that might have a use case that involves video.

  • Low-level API
  • Full control over pipeline
  • Feature-driven development

MPlatform SDK

MPlatform targets developers and system integrators in the broadcast market who have playout, ingest, virtual studio, video switcher or CG use cases.

  • High-level API
  • Built-in business scenarios
  • Business-driven development

All the features in one product

By integrating high quality code from Medialooks SDK with a variety of third-party components, you can add a wide range of features into your product to ensure it is in demand and competitive.

Short time to market

With flexibility of the SDK, lots of its features, and its intuitive objects, the development goes fast. It gives you shorten time to market and growth to your business.

Use your favorite language

You can use the SDK with C#, VB.Net, C++, and Delphi. Lots of samples for most common scenarios for your guidance included.


An overview on the Medialook SDK features:


  • High and low level libraries
  • Wide selection of programming languages
  • Long list of libraries and ready to use plugins
  • Any broadcast and many consumer formats are supported
  • Experts from x-dream-media

The  Medialook SDK system specifications:

Pack Functionalities

FeaturesMFormats ProMFormats ExpertMFormats UltimateMplatform (decoder and encoder libs are required)
RTMP, UDP, RTSP, HLS supportYesYesYesYes
MXF, MOV, TS, MP4, etc. supportYesYesYesYes
NDI supportYesYesYesYes
Capture and playback devices supportYesYesYesYes
Mixing of different sourcesYesYesYesYes
Video transitionsYesYesYesYes
Timeshifting engineNoYesYesYes
WebRTC supportNoYesYesYes
Emergency encoding recoveryNoYesYesYes
GPU-powered video encoding and decodingNoYesYesYes
GPU-powered video processingNoNoYesYes
Audio normalizationNoNoYesYes
(EBU R128, ITU-R BS.1770)NoNoYesYes
Playlist automationNoNoNoYes
Video mixing automationNoNoNoYes
Text and graphics overlayOnly simple functionality.Only simple functionality.Only simple functionality.Character Generator is included.
HTML5 graphics overlay engineWith the HTML5 Overlay PluginWith the HTML5 Overlay PluginWith the HTML5 Overlay PluginWith the HTML5 Overlay Plugin
ChromaKey engineWith the Chroma Key pluginWith the Chroma Key pluginWith the Chroma Key pluginWith the Chroma Key plugin
SRT and DVB-compatible streaming supportWith the Streaming PackWith the Streaming PackWith the Streaming PackWith the Streaming Pack
Closed Captions and SCTE triggersWith the Closed Captions libWith the Closed Captions libWith the Closed Captions libWith the Closed Captions lib
SMPTE ST 2110With the ST 2110 Compatibility PackWith the ST 2110 Compatibility PackWith the ST 2110 Compatibility PackWith the ST 2110 Compatibility Pack

All Medialooks SDKs related documentation:


  • All Medialooks SDKs product brochure (download)
HowTo Videos

The Medialooks SDK related HowTo videos:

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Medialooks, founded in 2005, serves as a partner to global companies seeking fast, quality software development tools to transform ideas to reality, and to organizations requiring low-latency video transport over the public Internet for remote production. Medialooks provide services to a wide range of markets, including broadcast, entertainment, sports, media serving, medical, surveillance, education, house of worship, gaming, and more.

Medialooks technology powers the world’s leading products in areas of content production, delivery and serving playout systems, virtual studios, multi-camera production switchers, media servers and ultra-low latency video transport.

Based in Russia.

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