x-dream-fabrik -- end-to-end solution 

x-dream-Fabrik is a pre-integrated, pre-configured and managed Solution as a Service built to address common use cases in the media industry. Its user interface and microservices architecture includes all necessary elements to cover the complete business process from content production to post-production, asset management, story creation to playout, publishing, sales and distribution.

It’s a ready-to-go platform with a clear pricing model. It runs in selected data centers and public clouds. But it can be deployed at your premises or hybrid as well.

x-dream-Fabrik can be used for fully automated Chained Media Processing Workflows or for human operated Media Asset centric or News Story based creation, publishing and monetizing business.

XDF Diagram
Chained Process


conditional workflows to drive transcoding, QC & more



distributed & collaborative post-production solution

File Exchange


bi-directional media exchange

File Exchange


content publishing on socials & selected channel



remote or hybrid archive asset management solution



essence + metadata aggregation & delivery solution



content scheduling and stream encoding

X-DREAM-FABRIK Product Network Diagram

XDF Product Network Diagram

x-dream-Fabrik customers

The platform addresses service providers along the complete media value creation chain like:

  • studio production facilities
  • post-production facilities
  • broadcasters
  • archives
  • agencies
  • publishers

 x-dream-Fabrik business cases

x-dream-Fabrik is focused on the following segments of the media creation and monetization chain:

  • audio/video/subtitle processing
  • news gathering & production
  • distributed post-production
  • asset management
  • content supply chain
  • content playout & publishing

business processes targeted by x-dream-Fabrik

In contrast to existing SaaS offerings, the x-dream-Fabrik is not limiting the customers to carry out one or a few media processing operations BUT strives for providing an end-2-end experience in managing business processes as the ultimate goal. The term business process shall be understood as an economical value creation chain and not as a technical process only. This means x-dream-Fabrik is perspectival not limited to media processing and managing.

x-dream-Fabrik service layers

x-dream-Fabrik provides the following service layers:

  • The base layer provides video, audio, subtitle, picture essence file, metadata, and other document file processing.
  • Above the base layer, the integration and workflow automation layer implements technical media handling processing chains or even end-2-end processes.
  • The integration and workflow automation layer again are overlaid by the media asset management layer. It addresses the needs of operational staff in generating, utilizing and monetizing media assets.
  • The business process management layer can sit on top of the media asset management layer. It targets the needs of media business management staff in creating and monetizing media assets.

x-dream-Fabrik specifications

The x-dream-Fabrik offers the following services:

Processing layer

  • Recording
  • Transcription
  • Translation
  • Transcoding
  • Quality Control
  • Publishing
  • Playout

Workflow layer

  • Orchestration
  • Automation
  • Monitoring

Media Asset Management layer

  • Remote Upload
  • Remote Ingest
  • Remote Editing
  • File Exchange
  • Picture Picking
  • Metadata Editing
  • Review &Approval

Business layer

  • Planning
  • Scheduling
  • Workorder
  • Reporting

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