x-dream-group offers business and technology consulting. Our experienced consultants will help you to plan and build a media workflow according to your needs.

File-based production and delivery has already introduced changes in technology and equipment, as well as in the ecosystem built from such products. At the same time, it also resulted in a significant workflow transformation, which caused the need for new skill sets in planning, administration, operation and support. Adding automation made it possible to offer completely new services, but also forced radical changes in company orientation and structures.

Keeping up to date in terms of services offered and the technology and workflows used are essential for any party in the modern media industry. Selecting the right technology, building on the right products, implementing the most economic workflows while finding the right trade-off between efficiency and complexity are the most important challenges these days.


x-dream-group offers business and technology consulting. Our experience has taught us a lot about the most dangerous pitfalls and bottlenecks. We know how to avoid them. Our generalists help to focus on the most cost-effective service offerings and build the right company structures to drive your business. From there, we break it down to workflows and building blocks. At this stage, our specialists take over to define your ecosystem architecture, select the right technology and the products to build from, and determine the best and most appropriate methods of integration.

How we help

  • define your ecosystem architecture
  • select the right technologies and products to build from
  • determine the best and most appropriate methods of integration
  • find the right balance between efficiency and complexity

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