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With Airflow Multi CDN, our customers achieve 100% actual content availability. Smart algorithms determine in real time and enforced which viewer is served via the most optimal CDN mix. You can also use your own intelligence to determine which CDN is served per title and per live stream.

With over 100 satisfied customers, Jet-Stream Airflow is the leading Multi CDN streaming platform. Airflow offers deep CDN integration, active load balancing, independent monitoring, intelligent algorithms and by far the best workflow automation. Airflow slashes TCO by 50%, guarantees high performance across the globe and makes managing a Multi CDN setup a breeze.

Signing up, and integrating multiple CDNs, monitoring and running a multi-CDN environment is difficult and expensive. Often, MultiCDN degrades you to the minimal feature set of the lowest common denominator.

Introduced in 2015 – often copied but never equaled – Jet-Stream Airflow is the leading Multi CDN streaming platform that offers deep CDN integration, active load balancing, independent monitoring, intelligent algorithms and by far the best workflow automation.

Airflow greatly reduces time to market. It takes the headache out of managing a multi CDN environment. Airflow slashes total operational costs by 50% for our customers.

Airflow orchestrates world class CDNs in one unified platform. All the streaming workflow features are available, regardless the dynamic mix of underlying CDNs. Airflow goes beyond switching, it lets you fly beyond the CDNs, beyond the clouds.

50% TCO reduction, 100% performance

  • In 2015, Jet-Stream introduced the Airflow Multi CDN service.
  • Over 100 customers are now using Jet-Stream Airflow
  • In the past 5 years it slashed their streaming Total Cost of Ownership by 50%.
  • Their actual content availability increased to >99.999%
  • Their audiences enjoy 100% Quality of Experience.

What does Airflow do?

  • Airflow is deeply integrated with world class CDNs
  • CDN performance is independently monitored across the globe.
  • Algorithms maintain a quality threshold and select the cheapest delivery path.
  • Viewers are enforced, actively load balanced, individually.
  • Cache flushing, certificates, anti deep linking and much more is automated.
  • All logs are centrally processed so you get unified and accurate analytics.
  • Everything is combined in an automated unified orchestration platform.
  • You can apply your own metrics and business rules.
  • Streaming workflows are highly automated, further saving time and money.

Key figures:

  • 25 years streaming
  • + 5 years Multi CDN
  • +100 MultiCDN customers
  • 100% satisfaction
  • 100% uptime
  • 100% performance
  • 50% TCO reduction

An overview on the AirFlow MultiCDN features:


  • Unified streaming Multi CDN service
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership by 50%
  • >99.999% actual content uptime
  • 100% Quality of Experience
  • +100 satisfied customers
  • Streaming workflow automation
  • One vendor, one platform, many CDNs

The  Jetstream system specifications:

JetStream Packages


  • Stream your event live to the world!
  • live audio and video webcast
  • Free unlimited Privacy Player
  • Europe/Global
  • Jet-Stream/MultiCDN
  • 1GB storage
  • stream per Gbps per hour
  • No long term contracts
  • Live event support
  • Guaranteed webcast capacity
  • live streaming
  • Award winning service

JetStream Pro

  • Most versatile streaming platform
  • Streaming for professionals
  • live, radio, tv and vod streaming
  • Free unlimited Privacy Player
  • European with global performance
  • No long term contracts
  • Large commit discounts
  • 4K UHD performance platform
  • EU office hours support
  • 100% owned and hosted in the EU
  • live & on-demand streaming
  • Award winning service

AirFlow MultiCDN

  • Dynamic MultiCDN load balancing
  • Deep integration with CDNs
  • Unique price/performance algorithm
  • Free unlimited Privacy Player
  • Slash streaming TCO up to 50%
  • Highest uptime
  • Highest performance
  • Unified CDN control platform
  • Most versatile streaming features
  • Operational in one business day
  • Mix own and Jet-Stream CDN contracts
  • Award winning service

JetStream AirFlow CDN backend integrations

These world class CDNs are deeply integrated in the Jet-Stream AIrflow Multi CDN service, offering you the largest global delivery infrastructure.

Jet-Stream Airflow integrated CDNs by tapping into their APIs. We flush caches, auto deploy SSL certificates, create origin paths, manage access control, collect and parse access logs, and much more.


Akamai is a pioneer. Their industry leading CDN is highly distributed. Akamai covers over 130 countries and 1700 networks. They deliver more than 100 terabit per second.


Amazon AWS Cloudfront is a superpop architecture CDN, covering 217 locations in 44 countries. CloudFront was the first CDN that was integrated in Jet-Stream Airflow Multi CDN in 2013.


Jet-Stream is Europe’s streaming CDN. It won many awards including Best CDN, Streaming Dream Team and Fastest Growing technology company.


Leaseweb operates a global network with over 10 terabit per second capacity. The network is connected to all major global carriers and has over 300 points of presence across the globe.


Formerly known as the Level3 CDN, Lumen runs on a 120 terabit per second capacity network, deeply connected to all major internet exchanges and internet providers across the world.


With over 65 terabits per second and 45 global superpops, Stackpath (formerly known as Highwinds) offers great CDN capacity and performance in Europe, the USA, Asia, Latin America and Australia.


The Verizon Media delivery network spans six continents and is connected to over 5000 networks to deliver your content at high speed, anywhere.

Strteaming Features

Streaming protocols

  • MPEG Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH)
  • Apple HTTP live streaming (HLS)
  • Microsoft Smooth Streaming (MSS)
  • Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS)
  • HTTP progressive download with trick play

Legacy streaming protocols

  • RTSP

Formats supported

  • MP4
  • MP3
  • MOV
  • WMV
  • FLV
  • SMIL
  • and others

Video codecs supported

  • H.264 AVC
  • H.265 HEVC
  • ON2 VPX
  • and others

Audio codecs supported

  • AAC
  • HE-AAC
  • AC3
  • E-AC3
  • MP3
  • and others



  • HTTPS (SSL) Secure portal


  • HTTPS (SSL) delivery
  • Let’s Encrypt support
  • Transparent to DRM


  • Manifest+video segment anti deep linking enforcement
  • Active request router bypass protection
  • Instantly lock individual files, streams and remote origins
  • Token based access control from your portal(s)


  • Pre-configured continent groups
  • Create and manage custom geo fence groups
  • MaxMind powered
  • Instantly geo fence individual files, streams and remote origins
  • Combine locking and geo fencing

Intelligent Origins

File ingest protocols

  • VOD ingest via FTP (TLS)
  • VOD ingest via Webdav (HTTPs)
  • Automatic redundancy replication
  • MD5 hash replication integrity control
  • Download root
  • Streaming root

Content analysis

  • Audio / video size
  • Audio / video duration
  • Audio / video bit rate

Live streaming protocols

  • RTSP Windows Media streaming
  • HTTP remote origins / encoders pull
  • Redundant encoding with automatic failover

Realtime transmuxing

  • live and on-demand content
  • HLS
  • Adobe HDS
  • Microsoft Smooth Streaming

Live stream recording (beta)

  • Ultra fast and scalable live stream recording
  • Manual and scheduled recording
  • Multi bit rate HLS
  • Recording as (multi bit rate) MP4 files
  • Instantly available as downloadable and streaming VOD
  • Fully integrated service
  • Chainable with VOD transcoding engine

VOD transcoding

  • Ultra fast, scalable MP4 transcoding engine
  • High quality transcoding engine
  • Optimised for mobile and high end devices
  • Custom profiles management
  • Instant high quality original file publishing
  • Dynamic adaptive multi bit rate publishing
  • Fully integrated service

Bit rate limitations

  • no limitations in bit rates
  • no limit in number of bit rates

Content Management

Asset & stream management

  • Paged listings of media assets
  • Paged listings of live channels
  • Paged listings of remote origins

Live Stream Management

  • View listings of all television and radio channels
  • Instantly provision new live streams
  • Select encoding setup (RTMP, RTSP, push, pull, icecast etc)
  • Live stream sub-user rights assignment
  • Multi bit rate live streaming setup
  • Redundant encoding setup
  • Automatic encoder credentials generation
  • Encoders IP address white listing feedback

Remote Origins

  • Instantly provision and manage HTTP(s) remote origins
  • Redundant origin support with dynamic failover
  • Virtual hostname support
  • Jet-Stream Origin Shield protection
  • IP address white listing feedback


  • custom file and stream name
  • size
  • bit rate
  • resolution
  • duration (vod)
  • creation / upload date + time


  • Group multiple bit rates into logical assets and streams
  • Delete individual assets, channels & remote origins
  • Purge caches for individual assets, channels & remote origins
  • Override Boost / Turbo Boost algorithms
  • Mass select and process commands

Security controls

  • Instant per title locking
  • Instant per title geo fencing

RECORDING (optional, beta)

  • record multiple live (HLS) streams
  • schedule recording
  • all bit rates are recorded
  • recorded streams are automatically uploaded to your account as MP4 files

Account Management

Reseller features

  • provision and manage accounts
  • assign shared or dedicated storage, intake, core, overflow, edge and MultiCDN servers to individual accounts
  • Manage boost/turbo boost business rules per account
  • Monitor storage and traffic usage per account
  • White labeled GUI
  • Realtime overall usage statistics
  • Traffic usage APIs

Account owner features

  • Account user details
  • Account provisioning details
  • Storage and traffic usage reporting
  • Extensive user friendly documentation

Manage sub users

  • Create and manage sub users

Limit sub user rights

  • encoding
  • live stream publishing
  • ingest
  • content management
  • reports
  • APIs

Network and Platform


  • Private global high performance fiber network
  • Redundant network, 99.9999% uptime
  • 10/100Gbps links
  • Over 35 network PoPs in Europe, U.S.A. and Asia
  • Connected to over 25 Internet Exchanges
  • Peers with over 2000 global ISPs
  • Connected to all major carriers, ISPs, CDNs and clouds
  • IPv4 & IPv6
  • Network layer DDOS protection


  • Jet-Stream tuned NGINX servers with thundering herd protection, intelligent caching and secure HTTP adaptive streaming session management
  • Jet-Stream tuned Wowza Media Servers as our transmuxing and RTMP / RTSP engines
  • Jet-Stream tuned Icecast servers for your radio channels
  • Jet-Stream tuned Apache servers for http downloads
  • Jet-Stream tuned Windows Media servers (lol yes, Windows Media!)


  • Jet-Stream software powered CDN
  • Redundantly hosted at multiple European sites
  • 100% renewable energy high efficiency data centers
  • Tiered scalable platform
  • High performance physical servers
  • redundant live stream ingest server farms
  • redundant origin shields
  • redundant long-tail high performance storage and server farms
  • Platform extendable with private origins
  • Platform extendable with private edges
  • redundant popular content RAM serving farms (“boost”)
  • MultiCDN layer (“turbo boost”)

Integrated MultiCDN vendors

  • Akamai
  • Amazon
  • Fastly
  • Highwinds
  • Leaseweb
  • Level3
  • Verizon


  • Jet-Stream active request routing farm
  • Lowest latency load balancing (<1ms per request)
  • Enforced per-request geo optimised load balancing
  • Checks over 12 parameters including costs, edge performance, availability, capacity, load, proximity, access rights, geo fencing
  • Response can adapt to URL parameter instructions
  • Suggests routes for other request routers on behalf of the requesting end user
  • Individual asset request popularity tracking
  • Integration with third party performance services
  • Jet-Stream MultiCDN load balancing algorithm
  • Business rules and resources configurable per account



  • URL publishing: no DNS knowledge needed
  • Embed code wizard for all most popular devices
  • Stream to mobile devices, browsers, players, boxes, tv’s and consoles
  • Customisable parameters in publishing URL
  • Unlimited views Jet-Stream Player bundled
  • Ultra lightweight, ultra fast
  • No trackers, GDPR compliant
  • iFrame embeddable and hosted player
  • Full 4K UHD video playback
  • Native HTML5
  • Plays HLS and Icecast streams
  • 360° VR
  • Set start time
  • Preview thumbnails
  • Poster image
  • VAST ad integration
  • Auto play, also (muted) on IOS
  • Full screen
  • Subtitling
  • Use your own custom video player

Status, Statistics and Reports


  • Realtime request statistics per title
  • Realtime popularity status indicator per title (long-tail, boost, MultiCDN turbo boost)
  • Concurrent viewers (live streams)
  • Live source connection status
  • 404 request error reporting


  • 24 hour requests origins pie chart and graph
  • 24 hour most popular on-demand assets pie chart
  • 24 hour most popular live-streams pie chart
  • 24 hour popularity and delivery infrastructure pie charts
  • 404 request errors


  • Customisable reporting GUI
  • CDN access logs powered data
  • Recent viewers
  • View trends
  • Geo viewers map
  • Viewers log
  • Locations log (continents, countries, regions, providers, cities)
  • Drill down into views, viewing time, usage, geographies
  • Analyse technical client information (devices, browsers)
  • And much more…

Automation API

  • Secure unified API to automate everything mentioned above
  • XML feeds to automate status updates
  • Traffic reporting API
  • Historical usage reporting GUI
  • Active request router integration
  • Developer friendly documentation


All AirFlow Multi CDN related documentation:


  • AirFlow Multi CDN product brochure (download)
HowTo Videos

The Airflow Multi CDN related HowTo videos:

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Jet-Stream OnAir 4K Demo | Hybrid IBC 2022
The Developer


Jet-Stream offers a powerful video streaming platform (public CDN) allowing broadcasters, enterprises, sports clubs, brands, and events to integrate complex workflows in minutes through our easy-to-use platform. Jet-Stream's technologies are licensed to the largest telecom operators in the world. Thanks to a unique integrated MultiCDN technology, Jet-Stream offers the highest streaming capacity and performance globally, at competitive rates.

Based in the Netherlands .

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Stef van der Ziel

Stef van der Ziel

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