x-dream-group has a strong team of developers and a comprehensive knowledge about technology, products incl. their APIs and business processes.

Imagine, your company has been operating for decades already. Since the beginning, different software tools have been used, some easy ready-to-go modules for playout or transcoding or huge custom developed workflows like MAM or newsroom. As the IT industry quickly develops, new features or formats appear every quarter, then you need to buy more tools or upgrade.   

There are hundreds or even thousands of products for file- or stream-based production and delivery on the market. Nothing is easier than going on a large shopping spree and grabbing everything you need for your project from the supply shelf. Unfortunately, this is just half the truth. Something important is missing in this consideration: actual software integration.

In the best case, you are aware of this fact in the early project phase, probably already in the design phase. If so, you or your main contractor reach out to all involved parties to close all gaps. Unfortunately, very often software (and hardware) vendors are focused on their own products only that are designed for very specific ecosystems.


You are lucky if your ecosystem follows this stereotype. Realistically, it is rarely the case. At this point, you need a strong partner with an extensive knowledge of the technologies and products, including their own APIs and business processes like yours. You need a partner like x-dream-group which has a strong team of specialists and access to all necessary information.

how we help

  • work with all modern technologies 
  • use advantages of different products including their own APIs
  • has a strong development team
  • take into account the specifics of your workflow and business goals

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