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Live ingest covers the recording of a very wide range of sources, from traditional video signal to very modern streaming. It has a variety of applications, from program and multi-camera recording at studio productions, live feed recording at a broadcaster, recording at news productions, or recording of video conferences in general business. It also applies to streaming, remote interviews, and social media.

While most of the modern video production, broadcasting, and publishing are based on files, the source of such content is often a live event. Thus, real-time processing is key to being the first who publishes trending content.

Managing the capture of live feeds has never been easier

IN2IT live is the ultimate solution to capture live events and deliver them to your users for logging and editing. You can finally handle SDI, NDI, and web sources with a single tool!

Live streams, remote interviews, and screen capture are ingested to your central storage and linked to your Media Asset Management platform in optimal quality and in a short amount of time.

IN2IT live is an open solution. It integrates with most of the popular post production solutions on the market, including Avid ® MediaCentral, Dalet ®, Galaxy, or Grass Valley Stratus.

Record, schedule, and collaborate - even remotely

Multiple operators can collaborate from any location thanks to the IN2IT live web-based user interface. IN2IT live manages crash recording and task scheduling across multiple physical or virtual video servers.

Operators can enrich the assets with additional metadata. They get real-time monitoring of recording and transfers to the central production environment.

Multiple ingest profiles can be created to enable various workflows with the same infrastructure.

Remote interviews and web streams ingest drastically simplified

IN2IT live supports natively Newtek’s NDI protocol. It enables recording from network cameras, mobile apps, and remote interviews. Skype and Teams support NDI outputs and allow you to record any participant feed in one click.

IN2IT live also supports a wide range of streaming protocols, making any web live stream easily accessible for your editing team.


An overview of the IN2IT live features:


  • SD to 4K ingest
  • Edit while capture
  • SDI router control
  • Black and freeze frame detection
  • Recording of Skype and Teams meetings
  • Screen capture
  • Third party video server control
  • Continuous recording
  • VTR control for tape ingest

IN2IT live is available in two variants:

  • Pre-configured hardware appliances for 4 or 8 SDI/NDI/Stream channels
  • Software-only edition, dedicated to NDI and Stream recordings

IN2IT live scheduler can be deployed on the recording server or on a separate server.

Hardware Specifications

Appliance I/O Specifications

  • 8 SDI I/O mini BNC
  • 16-channel 48 kHz SDI embedded audio I/O per SDI input
  • Analog Color Black or HD Tri-Level Sync
  • LTC/Reference input
  • RS-422 port

Specifications for the Software-Only Version

  • CPU Intel® Xeon® Gold 6132 2.6 GHz 14 cores
  • 32 Gb RAM
  • 480 Gb SSD for system + extra HDD drives with RAID security for media
  • 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps network adapter
  • Windows Server 2019 - Virtualization is supported

* Required CPU resources may vary depending on source, target formats, and transcoding options.

Supports all commonly used sources

  • SDI - SD to 4K
  • NDI - including Skype, MS Teams, Zoom, and screen capture
  • Web streams - RTMP, HLS, SRT, RTSP, RTP, DASH
  • SMPTE 2110

Processing modes and delivery protocols

  • Processing modes: Avid Media, A/V File, metadata only
  • MAM and cloud integrations: Avid MediaCentral, Avid iNews, Dalet Galaxy, Grass Valley Stratus, Google Drive, Dropbox, Azure storage, Amazon S3, Busby
  • Delivery protocols: FTP, SFTP, FTPS, SMB, Aspera FASP, FileCatalyst, Signiant

Supported recording formats

  • Broadcast formats: AVC-Intra, Avid proxy, DV, DVCPro HD, DNxHD, DNxHR, IMX, JFIF, XAVC Intra, XDCAM EX, XDCAM HD
  • Custom formats: h.264, h.265, Mpeg2

IN2IT embedded workflow engine

  • Metadata transformation and mapping
  • Content delivery to multiple destinations
  • Advanced user management
  • Notifications

All IN2IT live related documentation:



  • IN2IT live installation guide (read now)
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The IN2IT live related HowTo videos:

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The Developer

Woody Technologies

Established in 2013, Woody Technologies was founded by experienced broadcast engineers and video developers to solve concrete workflow challenges met by media industry players. Woody Technologies imagines and develops smart ingest and media processing software for broadcast workflows from any device or location into your post-production environment and the outgest towards Avid® Interplay Production.

Based in France.

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Antoine Baloge

Antoine Baloge

Paul Le Parc

Paul Le Parc

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