Managing audiovisual assets is of highest importance for any media facilitiy. Depending on the step within the all over media creation and monetizing chain, slightly different functionality is required for media management. For managing post-production sources, creative business processes and the created content, a Production Asset Management (PAM) system is needed. For managing the asset flow within a larger media facility like at a broadcaster, a Production Management System (PMS) is used. Finished content is often stored in a Media Asset Management (MAM) system until broadcasting or publishing digitally. A Content Management System (CMS) is used for publishing on the web.



Flow Center is an extremely flexible tool that can be used depending on the installed modules as MAM, PMS, or CMS. The system consists of the media archive core, archive manager, integrated publishing, and the workflow designer and device manager.


Flow Center by Flow Works

Flow Archive by Flow Works

Flow Rooms by Flow Works

Flow Device & Workflow Manager by Flow Works


Mobile MAM

Flow Ant is a fully featured Flow Center at a smaller scale installed on a micro PC. This way, it's the ideal solution for mobile use at OB vans, SNGs, remote offices, video journalists, and remote studio productions. Its communication module makes multiple distributed MAMs act as one.


Flow ANT by Flow Works


MAM Applications

The Flow Modules can be deployed to serve different purposes. The following solutions are already developed and available as off-the-shelf products:

Flow Social by Flow Works

You can publish to multiple social channels per simple drag and drop then let the Flow system take care of the rest—just like publishing to any other website, playout, or delivery. Flow Social is the monetization of digital media assets made easy.

Flow Web by Flow Works

For the Flow Web solution, there is a Flow Center at the core of the system handling all the background tasks (ingest, metadata enrichment, transcoding, arranging, project accumulations, and distributions). The Flow Web component offers a direct connection to the backend with many different modules to be filled with audio-visual content and fully automated textual metadata. Additionally, there is a sophisticated workflow system that can automate common manual workflows, such as translations, transcriptions, transcoding, and viewing/interaction reports back to the core. These functionalities can also include AI mechanisms on many levels to further lower the manual resources required.

Flow Deliveries by Flow Works

Flow Deliveries is part of the Device & Workflow Manager GUI that allows the drag and drop compilation of any delivery-workflow. This includes tailored media-processing, metadata, ancillary materials for any delivery-target („target delivery“), and the partial or complete automation of delivery-package generation per target by the Flow system.

Flow Media Market by Flow Works

„Flow Media Market“ is a complete and specialized suite of technology and operating surfaces for content sales—designed for rights sellers, distributors, and even footage-sales. It extends the Flow Core with an editorial backend especially designed for managing and offering large and complex content pools, and a customer frontend for easy presentation and exploring structured pools of content. It also contains rooms for one-on-one sales/marketing; an offline app for event presentations and screenings; and a module for live event streaming, optimized media presentation, and video-conferencing.

Flow VOD by Flow Works

The Flow Center is the media and metadata handling backend that securely stores all the content and features the GUIs for the staff behind the OTT platforms, and it is used for grouping and seasoning of episodes. It handles side information such as trailers, cinematic posters, and any content related to outer communication. Additionally, it takes care of the different kinds of playout platforms, content transcoding and encryption, content metadata enrichment and content distribution, and delivery.


Strawberry converts your NAS to become a powerful and flexible PAM for nearly any editing application. It gives you the freedom to choose your prefered storage, computer and network hardware vendor and combine it with your editing software of choice. Skies extends your on-premise PAM by cloud-based remote editing services.


Strawberry by

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